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QuickSilver® the 21st Century Audio Visual system.

QSEQ®, the QuickSilver® EQualizer

Your way to all that QuickSilver® has to offer
a new way to install and maintain audio visual and digital signage solutions

QuickSilver® introduces a completely new way to approach AV technology. Affordably. With unbelievable capabilities and a flexibility you've never seen before. This is different. It's better because it hardly needs any expensive infra-structure. It's more flexible as it can be wireless - or wired if it needs to be, instead. It's green and more responsible because it uses less power, and it's better because it takes way less space. It's more affordable, yet more flexible and more capable. It is designed as a system - so everything works together nicely. No programming struggles. No on-site prototyping. With assisted self-healing features, LifeSaver, TrueCheck and a host of other possibilities and facilities never before seen, it is changing the industry. Even spares are different from anything you've ever seen before! This is the 21st Century AV. New ideas and new QuickSilver® family members create a perfect fusion between traditional AV, IT, Lighting, Interactivity, Sensor Technology and a host of other related technologies and concepts. QuickSilver® is also Recognition Ready, so although it integrates traditional forms of personalization such as RFID and barcode triggers, it also provides for Facial, Color, Pattern, and License Plate recognition technology.
QuickSilver® is designed using 100% non-proprietary hardware that is selected on the basis that we expect a 20+ year service life. Yes, there may be some equipment failures later on at some point, but these components or more powerful equivalents will be available for the next 20+ years, thus eliminating the volatility of previous generation system built using existing custom and proprietary equipment. QuickSilver® is so powerful that we're finding new applications on an almost daily basis. There are 10 fundamental component groups that make up QuickSilver®, and you'll find those listed below. Remember though: these are only the raw ingredients - the limit to what QuickSilver® can do is only limited by your imagination.

This is QSEQ®, the QuickSilver® EQualizer
a smart way to
21st Century Audio Visual systems.


Introducing QSEQ®, the QuickSilver® Equalizer. Amazon for AV? The world has changed. No longer is brick and mortar the default ‘go to’ place. AV integration has changed too, and here it is the equivalent for qualified integrators: QSEQ®, the QuickSilver® EQualizer service that introduces the QuickSilver® Audio-Visual system in an easy and cost-effective way to do systems Integration around the world for qualified QuickSilver® Equalizer integrators.
100% non-proprietary equipment. Plug and go.

For smaller and medium sized systems that are not overly complex, let’s talk QSEQ®, the QuickSilver® Equalizer. Affordable, flexible and fast. You select the AV system you need from the Equalizer configuration list or software (and we’re glad to help!), send us drawings of the venue layout, and a narrative that describes the required functionality for each exhibit. We go through the list, and put together a system that meets your needs. We then set up, configure, load temporary (or real) media, and program the system. Once it’s all up and running in our lab, we’ll box the system and send it out. You buy and install the monitors, projectors, speakers and anything else that needs to be done, and once all that is in, you plug in the QuickSilver® components, which come with complete instructions, with each of the exhibits packed separately so that it’s easy to install. The system is connected to the internet through a firewall we supply, and we check it out remotely. At that point, we send one of our experts out to help with final commissioning, checks, assistance with our remote programmer as needed, and training We will be a discrete part of your team and assist with the design and commissioning of the intelligent layer that provides the media delivery, control, and power management.

The system, including power management and user interfaces, is supplied pre-configured and pre-labeled to meet your system’s needs, and connected using WiFi, all you need to do is to plug it in. No need to pull cables other than to connect the WiFi system.

Anything that needs to happen - we’re here to help.
Any equipment issues: QuickSilver®’s assisted self-healing feature will get it back up and running. Fast!

Let us help you win those projects - better, cheaper, faster. Give us a call, and let’s start talking about the options.

To start the process, let's talk, and get you and your project qualified. At that point we'll get you a password to allow you to log in and start configuring your system.
You'll love the simplicity.
You'll love the flexibility.
You'll love the capabilities.
What's more : you'll love the cost.

QuickSilver® LifeSaver
designed to extend your equipment life
and reduce your power bill

LifeSaver uses inputs including buttons and sensors which are part of an existing system, with additional motion sensors and/or cameras to keep an eye on how busy the venue is.
If the venue is quiet, parts of it can be powered down for the duration that there are no visitors in the space. Plenty of equipment we use can either be set into economy mode, low power mode, or even be turned off until it is needed again. Audio volume can be reduced, and even non-essential lighting can be turned down. Even in the case of LED lights, it would be worth to save power and further extend the life of the lighting fixtures. The increase in equipment longevity that this can provide will more than offset the cost of the additional sensors and programming effort required to make this work.

QuickSilver® TruCheck
automated full system verification

TruCheck uses low cost light and audio sensors that are integrated within the space where the system is located. Special, short files are run on video and audio servers and lights are sequenced. Their presence is detected in the space, so that we know that all equipment is functional. The process takes seconds, so that going from an off or stand-by state is fast and system behavior is always checked to make sure that any issues are automatically detected and reported.
It's like having your very own full time AV tech on site, without having to feed 'm or provide endless coffee. It doesn't get better!
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What is involved

Data Exchange

We'll work with you on getting a layout of the space, and figure out what equipment you need.


The programming requirements and other interface details are agreed.

Setup and pre-program

We set up the system in our lab, pre-configure, load test media and program/test it.

Get it to you

After labeling and boxing components for each exhibit, we wrap it up, put a bow on it, and send it on its way.

Commission and Hand-over

We verify functionality, finish programming and hand it all over.

Case studies.

Various case studies may be found here, just to help you determine if Equalizer is right for your project. Of course this is one of those "give us a little bit of time" moments, as the case studies have not been finished yet - but we'll get them in here soon!

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