Fire and Water projectors are another area where we’ve just never been real exited about the result. The fire is never quite like fire, and the water is never quite like water. Considering how these units are built, it’s not really a surprise: an LED light source with a couple of mechanical rotating glass disks is not really ideal.

Using a QS6001 video server on a low cost Laser Projector changes this completely: just find some stock footage of fire or water, and the result is exactly what you want for your show. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and in our testing a great way to get the desired result. We have used a low cost laser projector, mounted it on a simple dual gimbal so that we can point it anywhere in the room. Job done.

Of course updating content, integrating it with the TeaParty show controller, or controlling it from a personal device is easy too, and with ample on board storage for a host of different video, your water projector can also be a fire projector, a gobo projector and a framing projector. Versatility is obviously much higher when you have this type of solution, as the QS6001 doesn’t care what type of video it serves.

Affordable, flexible, and just right for a lot of jobs!

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