this is QuickSilver™

QuickSilver™ is a, affordable low infra-structure, wireless, ultra-flexible and powerful control system for the Audio-Visual industry based on long-availability non-proprietary equipment.

this is Equalizer

Equalizer is the tool that allows approved QuickSilver™ partners to configure QuickSilver™ systems for assisted installs. Just list what the system needs, and we will verify the configuration, provide a cost, pre-configure and pre-program your system, and deliver it ready for deployment. Once it's all live one of our staff members will help with commissioning, final programming, hand-over and training. Job done!

What it is

From video servers to randomizing audioscape devices, interactives, input and output devices, DMX lighting control and a host of other essential ingredients, a QuickSilver™ system is an easy to maintain solution made up of components that were designed to work as an interconnected system from day one. Instead of starting each system from scratch, re-configuring and re-inventing solutions every single time, QuickSilver™ uses the same essential components and configuration time after time. This way, you save money, and QuickSilver™ only gets better with time, as every single project results in closer connections and a better understanding of how the various system elements work together better. QuickSilver™ is the first true AV "system" that only gets better and more refined as time goes by. Additional solutions continue to refine the system, as every system benefits from previous experience - QuickSilver™'s approach means that you don't start every system from scratch, with the associated learning curve, risks, and costs.


We'll help you with this - we're the QuickSilver™ experts, and we can design a system that will exploit all of the benefits. Once you've done a couple, you'll be doing most of this yourself. It's not complex - it's just... well, different!


Our strategy is to try and help more museums, visitor centers, shopping malls, and other similar venues have more active content. The boring static graphic display is dead. Long live QuickSilver™, affordable monitors and laser projectors for making that kind of thing affordable.


Of course it's digital. We're leveraging IT type components to put together cost-effective - as in truly affordable - solutions, that provide for the right level of flexibility and capability to make this work.


Keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages for the latest and greatest additional components and features. AV can be different. Non-proprietary components that will still be available in 20 years time. Pre-configured systems that do not need the wheel re-inventing for every new project. Remote access to make sure that we can properly assist our clients. Assisted self-healing in case something misbehaves. QuickSilver™ was designed BY AV engineers for AV integrators. Let it work for you!

How we work.

1 It really is quite simple. Every system starts with a chat to define the needs. We'll help you by explaining the components that make up the QuickSilver™ system, and define the components that will be necessary to make a solid system. Once the basic needs have been defined, we look at programming requirements.

2 As soon as we feel that the system definition is tight, we set up and configure all the various system elements. We pre-program its behavior and load either test or real media depending on what is available. Once the result has been fully tested, everything is labeled and packaged on a per-exhibit basis, at which point we send it out to you to take to site. Instead of racks worth of equipment, QuickSilver™ deliveries mostly range from a shoebox or suitcase sized container. Once it gets to site, you plug all the equipment in, and connect the WiFi access point to the internet. We now verify that everything is there and working as it should.

3 At this point one of staff members travels to site to assist with the commissioning process, loads the real media, and checks the programming in situ before helping to train you and your client so that they can take on the system. Of course we provide ongoing assistance should it be needed - but the job is done. The system turns on in the morning, and turns off at night. The user interface is done, and your client staff know how to use it and how to maintain it.