This is the QS6108 eight channel audio replay unit/randomizer, capable of creating a true 3D randomized soundscape. This is something our founder has wanted to do for years, and now it’s here, creating a beautiful surround sound scape in our edit suite, making it the most loved room in the building. 

Speakers are set in a cuboid configuration, with one speaker in each corner of the room. Birds flying over and singing, with responses from all over, creepy crawlers and predators in the underground and the occasional F16 flying over for good measure (we think he added those in to prevent anyone from getting some sleep in there), this as an amazing experience. 

Of course different speaker configurations (think what you could do with 8 speakers in-line) are possible, and the flexibility offered by this unit is second to none. One of QuickSilver’s more unusual family members, this device proves a set of features only found as part of QuickSilver’s all-encompassing family of AV devices.

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