One issue that is often overlooked when designing and implementing systems for different venues is power management. Yes, the system should turn itself on in the morning and off at night, at the very least, and have a simple way of setting an open and close schedule a week ahead. 

The cost of implementing this has, in the past, resulted in a reluctance to spend money on this necessity, and many systems have had to be switched on and off by a staff member with a Home Depot bucket full of remotes (think we’re kidding?).

QuicKSilver™ has all this built in as standard, and any facilitated QuickSilver™ system comes with proper power management for all exhibit. “But wait”, as they say – because we can even better than that. Sometimes power management IS built into the AV, but other devices are not included. Think about the lights in those display cases, or the overhead lights. QuickSilver™’s power management is affordable, powerful, and wireless, so including additional devices so that 10% of your venue is properly controlled to save you time and money is no longer an issue.

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