The user interface that we will provide with QuickSilver™ can be based on Apple’s IOS devices, Android or Windows devices (or in fact on all three if needed) depending on the client’s reference.

Options that can be controlled includes a host of really nice features.

Of course QuickSilver™ is capable of handling subtitling for an almost unlimited number of languages, can change the audio track from one language to another on the fly, can deliver ADA specific features, and is even Recognition Ready. It can also help docents in the space: if a group of visitors are going to hear a lecture in front of one exhibit, we can push audio on adjacent exhibit, turn adjacent exhibits off so that there are no distractions, or we could force specific audio and video on them (“please wait, functionality will be restored after the demonstration) with muted audio, until the docent is done with the lecture or demonstration. This could be done using a simple manual control on a smartphone or tablet, it could be done using Facial Recognition, a real time event, or it can be fully automated using beacons or RFID. QuickSilver™’s TeaParty control system is capable of taking on any of those options. This type of control has been in common use in theme parks, and we can now easily implement it at your venue too.

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