Traditional framing projectors are probably even more boring than traditional gobo projectors. An essential tool for any lighting designer, it gives us four controllable knife blades to allow us to set where we want the light to fall, and then a focus to get rid of the hard edges. Essential… but primitive. Why not use an  lower resolution laser projector with a QS6001 video server. Now you can set the area where you want that light exactly, pixel accurate if you like. You can run patterns, pulse, soften edges, and add colors. This image shows you our doorbell with our version of that useful but previously oh so boring framing projector.

Thing is that the framing projector, when using video, becomes a much more interesting tool anyway. Make things happen on that painting? Point things out to the public? It’s all just some programming away – the hardware doesn’t need to change for a huge set of additional possibilities!

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