Traditional gobo projectors are some of the more boring devices that exist in our lives. A fixed pattern, either black and white in the form of an etched plate, or color in the form of a dichroic filter on a glass disk, they most display a static image. Some gobo projectors have an option whereby an electric motor rotates the gobo or some glass filters using an elastic band. When you order a gobo, it takes days to get it when you deliver the artwork, and that assumes you’ve asked for your order to be expedited. QuickSilver™ has a better way.

Using relatively low cost lower resolution laser projectors, combined with a stick such as the venerable QS6001 means that not only can you run video, but you can also change content, black and white or color, at the drop of a hat. Just add an image or a video to QuickSilver™’s media drive, and your latest and greatest design will shortly favor that wall or that floor, so when that client rents your facility tonight you can have their logo on the wall when they walk in!

It’s different. It’s QuickSilver™. This is 21st Century AV at its best.


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