This area emulates a setting such as would have been found in the area some 1,000 years ago. Two of the QS6112 self-amplified audio replay units were used to create the environment.

Two speakers run a simple randomized soundscape hidden around the outside of the cabin creating an ambiance of trees, birds, cricket and the ever present distant ocean while inside the hut a quieter audioscape plays until a visitor triggers a motion sensor so that one of a number of discussions between native Americans may be heard. The unit randomly selects one of a number of different pre-recorded conversations, and overlays that on top of what the soundscape randomizing audio generator is already playing. Speakers are driven from the QS6212’s built in 3W amplifier, so no other equipment is required. Simple, clean, affordable and powerful!

The unit is free-running, but as always, a docent could trigger certain samples using a personal device if required, and content as well as behavior can easily be changed by just updating QuickSilver’s media drive.

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