The QuickSilver™ system includes options for barcode and RFID sensors, that can be programmed to do all sorts of things. A staff member could use their keyfob to turn the system on in the morning or off in the evening. A docent could use it to activate a “docent” mode event that temporarily mutes nearby exhibits while they do a demonstration or give a lecture. Visitors could use RFID wristbands or tag to identify themselves when taking pictures or saving their designs at various exhibits. We have even used barcoded wristbands to make sure that kids couldn’t leave without their parents, and that parents can’t leave without their kids. Just about anything is possible, and since QuickSilver implements barcode and RFID readers using wireless technology, infra-structure needs are minimal.

It’s not quite like our patent pending Facial Recognition system, but it still packs a punch when some hidden magic is needed.

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